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We take as much pride in handcrafting our food as we do our beer. With a menu that's largely made from scratch and battered to order, you can't make a bad decision.

Many of you have probably noticed the impact COVID-19 has had on the US Food Supply Chain. As a restaurant, we are experiencing many of the same problems you've likely encountered at the grocery store; from items being out of stock to significant price increases. With so many recent changes to our industry we had high hopes at keeping our menu consistent and unchanged. However, over the last several weeks we've seen a decline in product and a significant increase in the cost of ingredients we use to make up our scratch menu; leaving us to temporarily remove our full menu.

This current menu is in no way permanent. We've built a great relationship with our customers and want to be completely transparent with you all. While we are working diligently with our vendors to keep items on hand and costs low (without compromising quality), you may notice that we might be out of a few things, have substitutions to some items, or see a temporary increase in prices. Please know we have no intention of making all these changes permanent. Your patronage means the world to our family and we sincerely appreciate your continued support as we navigate this difficult time.

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