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"Start A Business"

In July 2014, our family discussed opening a brewery in Southern Arizona’s wine country over a jar of moonshine and some inebriated banter. We talked about the Copper State’s history; the large unspoken contribution women played in building the Wild West, and how we can pay homage to the world’s oldest profession through craft beer.

A year passed, and the idea of that drunken evening was long forgotten until the unexpected passing of our Grandpa Glenn. While looking through some of grandpa’s belongings, we stumbled upon a list of final wishes, “start a business,” topped the list.

In 2018 we honored Grandpa Glenn and the women of the west by opening Copper Brothel Brewery.


Our ownership family is comprised of:

Cheryl Jesser - Matriarch

Sammie Jesser - Brewmaster

Bob Jesser - Business Manager & Doting Husband

TJ Martinez - General Manager & Damn Good Chef

Garrett Jesser - Sales Manager & His Older Sisters Beer Subordinate

Monika Jesser - Arts, Crafts & Marketing


And the roughly 20 employees who have become family.


Thank you for keeping our dream alive and supporting your local brothel.



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