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"Start A Business"

In July 2014, our family discussed opening a brewery in Southern Arizona’s wine country over a jar of moonshine and some inebriated banter. We talked about the Copper State’s history, the large unspoken contribution women played in building the Wild West, and how we can pay homage to the world’s oldest profession through craft beer.

A year passed, and the idea of that drunken evening was long forgotten until the unexpected passing of our Grandpa Glenn. While looking through some of Grandpa’s belongings, we stumbled upon a list of final wishes, “start a business” topped the list.

In 2018, we honored Grandpa Glenn and the women of the West by opening Copper Brothel Brewery.


Our ownership family is comprised of the following:

Cheryl Jesser - Matriarch

Sammie Jesser - Brewmaster

Bob Jesser - Business Manager & Doting Husband

TJ Martinez - General Manager & Damn Good Chef

Garrett Jesser - Sales Manager & His Older Sisters Beer Subordinate

Monika Jesser - Arts, Crafts & Marketing


And the roughly 20 employees who have become family.


Thank you for keeping our dream alive and supporting your local brothel.



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